Team Building

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Problem solving, group activities designed to challenge team members physically and mentally. Teams work together to find solutions to a variety of challenges, supported by an activity leader. Activities are fun, entertaining, of varying difficulty levels and are always achievable.




  • Choose your level of difficulty, and whether you prefer mental, physical or both types of challenges;


  • Embarking upon a ‘Save the World’ adventure, completing a variety of physical and mental tasks to gain points and defeat the oppressor;

  • All activities require team members to work together and support each other in achieving a collective goal;

  • Team members learn which roles they are naturally attracted to and have an opportunity to try out roles outside of their comfort zone;

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  • Build structures and equipment to transport team members or items from A to B;

  • Use random items supplied to find solutions to a presented problem, pool ideas and have a go;

  • Compete against the clock or against another team for points or prizes;

  • All activities are risk assessed and matched to the difficulty level that you choose.

Benefits & outcomes

  • An enjoyable recreational activity;

  • Break the ice within newly formed teams;

  • Learn about team and personal strengths and weaknesses;

  • Build bonds with team members;

  • Gain confidence and a desire to have a go;

  • Gain a sense of satisfaction from achieving objectives and overcoming challenges;

  • Exercise your mind and body;

  • Develop creative problem solving skills;

  • Overcome perceived fears and insecurities by realising what is possible with support and encouragement from others.

Delivery options & costs

Adult group size: 6 – 15

Children / young people (5 – 18yrs) group size: 6 – 20

  • One-off 2 hour session £80

  • Half day (4 hour session) £160

  • Full day (7 hour session) £300

Fuel charge applies over 15 miles@ 20p per mile

Activities can be provided at a venue of your choice or an alternative venue can be arranged at an additional cost. Weather permitting an outdoor space is often preferable for many activities. Activity materials will be supplied however if clients have materials of their own, i.e. balls, rope, etc. this can be incorporated into the activity sessions.

Team Building

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