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Group Triple P parenting courses are for parents or professionals who may wish to improve their parenting skills or behaviour management skills.

• Become a more confident parent or practitioner;

• Pick up some useful strategies for improving behaviour;

• Improve communication;

• Build a positive relationship with your child;

• Learn how to best support children’s development.

The course is an 5-10-session programme, ideally conducted in groups of 10-12 parents or professionals. It employs an active skills training process to help parents acquire new knowledge and skills.

The programme consists of five 2hr core group sessions which provide opportunities for parents to learn through observation, discussion, practice and feedback. DVD segments are used to demonstrate positive

shutterstock_216207238parenting skills. These skills are then practised in small groups. Parents receive constructive feedback about their use of skills in an emotionally supportive context.

Additional sessions can then be bolted on, which cover tantrums, sibling rivalry, planning high-risk activities, keeping children active and engaged and a celebration and sustainability session. 

Between sessions, parents complete homework tasks to consolidate their learning from the group sessions. 20-minute 1:1 telephone sessions are available, which provide additional support to parents as they put into practice what they have learned in the group sessions. 

Although delivery of the programme in a group setting may mean parents receive less individual attention, there are several benefits of group participation for parents. These benefits include support, friendship and constructive feedback from other parents as well as opportunities for parents to normalise their parenting experience through peer interactions.

Parent comments


“I am so glad I did this program. I feel a lot more confident as a parent and my son knows what to expect. Consistency is the key for me. Thank you.”

“It has helped me to see that not all the problems were my son’s behaviour, but how I dealt with them. The biggest changes came in my own behaviour.”

“I want to thank you for giving me other ways to deal with problem behaviour instead of yelling and getting no-where. I am definitely feeling more confident.”

“Excellent. Every parent should do this course. Many thanks.”

“Gave me a lot more confidence as a parent. Good strategies for managing bad behaviour that work. Good ideas for parenting eg importance of positive actions (praise) and that they really make a big difference. It would be great if this programme was made more known to parents. It would have been of great benefit to use before my son reached the terrible 2s. We probably wouldn’t have fallen into some of the traps (eg giving in, smacking, etc) that we initially did before seeking help. I’m sure we will have better parenting skills with our daughter than we initially did as first time parents. Great Programme – thanks, you saved us!!”

“Excellent. Has helped my husband and I to work together with the same treatment for kids from both of us.

“The best part was meeting with other people, discussing your problems and finding out about little things you can do – star charts, praise and spending quality time, and I don’t want to leave the group”

About Triple P

The Triple P-Positive Parenting Program® is a multi-level, parenting and family support strategy.  Triple P aims to prevent behavioural, emotional and developmental problems in children by enhancing the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents. The system was developed by Professor Matt Sanders and colleagues from the Parenting and Family Support Centre in the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland.

Delivery & costs

The programme consists of between five and ten, 2hr sessions and can be tailored to the needs of the parents. There are five core sessions with five bolt-on sessions. 1:1 telephone support sessions can also be included. 

Prices start at £40ph plus travel and resources. 

Please email for a tailored quote. 

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