Play Training for Schools

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Children play for up to 20% of their school day and it is often sited by children as their favourite part of school. It is an important time for children to test and practice important life skills and enjoy being a child. Ensuring play times are fit for purpose and providing children with the tools they need to develop and succeed requires dedication, creativity, an open mind and often a fresh perspective.

PlayUp play training provides a comprehensive programme of training, support and services for MDSAs, pupils, teaching staff, senior leaders and finance officers to enable schools to achieve an outstanding, effective and enjoyable play experience benefiting children, staff and parents.

The training covers the following aspects and can be tailored to fit within your chosen package. 

  • Review and evaluate the current play and lunchtime system and work with MDSAs and senior leadership team to make and implement improvements

  • Play theory for MDSAs to reinforce purpose

  • Teaching of games and activities to support MDSAs on the playground and in the classroom

  • Positive behaviour management skills, including use of rules for MDSAs

  • Playground observations with written and verbal feedback

  • Playground demonstrations alongside MDSAs and Play Leaders

  • Game building – creative thinking for MDSAs

  • Effective use of equipment and space

  • Communication skills for MDSAs

  • Equipment purchasing support and advice

  • Play leader training

  • School Council meetings – research and feedback

  • Supported planning for indoor and outdoor play sessions

  • Follow-up support sessions to integrate and sustain changes and improvements

  • Play training for teachers and teaching assistants on how to embed play into lessons, creating fun lesson using gamification

  • Support school with measuring impact over 6 – 12 month period

Sessions are delivered over a one, six or twelve-month period. The delivery time for each session is 3 or 4 hours, which is agreed during the initial programme planning meeting. 

Support sessions enable staff to make changes and sustain them in-house.

Sustain packages offer on-going training and support to ensure changes are maintained and development continued over a 6 or 12-month period.

Embed sessions add a more holistic approach to play, delivering training and support across the school, with a range of staff and children, addressing wider elements of play. 

Benefits & Outcomes

  • A positive play experiences for children

  • Confident & motivated staff, willing to implement high quality play

  • A reduction of negative playground and free play incidents

  • A raised understanding of the importance and impact of play

  • Improved reputation amongst parents

  • A raised awareness of team member strengths and how to ensure these are effectively utilised

  • An understanding of how to review, evaluate success and identify targets

  • A more enjoyable experience for staff due to fewer occurrences of negative incidents

  • Staff are able to support children develop social and interaction skills through play

  • Staff are able to think creatively about using resources to facilitate play

  • Create important social opportunities for children

  • Healthy lifestyles are promoted by encouraging participation in active play

Volumes 1 and 2 of The Real Game Guide books are available for £15 and the lite version of the Android App is free to download from the Google Play Store.

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Travel costs are dependent on location.