PlayUp Overview

I deliver child development workshops for children and young people using various play models as a vehicle to help participants learn important life skills. Participants achieve significant improvements confidence, self-esteem, a love of learning, self-belief and social skills, to name but a few. Training programmes are also available for staff working with children, meaning that the good work can continue after workshops are over.

For teaching staff, childcare workers and parents one of the most challenging aspects of care can be managing behaviour. With experience delivering parenting groups, teaching KS1 and KS2 classes and working in many childcare settings I run practical user-friendly behaviour management workshops which are based partly on the well-regarded Australian parenting programme – Triple P.

Clients include primary and secondary schools, childcare providers, youth groups and other groups and organisations working with children and young people. Companies wishing to help their staff bond and recognise each other’s strengths benefit greatly from team building workshop and goal orientated games and tasks.

PlayUp Ethos

We should all remember to play as often as we can, no matter how old we are. PlayUp workshops and training draw out the life skills which can be learnt and transferred to other aspects of a child’s life. I believe that play is an essential part of a child’s development and is equally essential  for adult. When we play we are focussed on achieving a goal, be it to win a board-game, pot, pass or throw a ball. When we play we bond with our peers, we forget about other aspects of our lives and we wake up the game-player inside  us. We find satisfaction in winning, but also in interacting with others through a common activity.

When entering play, we are able to communicate with people from all walks of life – people we know and those we’ve just met. It breaks down barriers and overcomes prejudices. We can all learn something about ourselves through playing real games, whilst interacting with others. We can laugh, learn to control frustrations and identify transferable skills like leadership, communication, logic and strategy.

PlayUp Offer

Adult and family learning courses, one-off workshops, teambuilding, school and childcare staff training, children and youth activities.

The activities and training I delivery focuses on child development, whether I’m working with parents or directly with children and young people, always thinking, “how can we support this child to grow, develop and learning in the best way possible?”

I want everyone who attends my workshops to enjoy, achieve, learn about themselves and find pleasure in learning through play. Often play is the vehicle used to develop other skills and attributes, to draw out personalities, boost confidence and nurture individual strengths.

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