Gamify Your Venue


Would you like to inject some fun into your visitors’ experience when visiting your venue? Why not create an interactive game where visitors are required to interact with displays and people to gather information, clues or items to win or complete a challenge.

Bring displays to life, encouraging visitors to notice, enquire, search and take on new information, whilst motivated by game-play.


Playing a game draws out a sense of competition, a desire to achieve a goal, a spark of excitement and invokes determination and engagement in the task at hand. You will find that visitors remember details and retain more information because it has an immediate purpose.

Each visitor experience game is unique and is tailored to its venue and the purpose of the visitor experience. To gamify your visitor experience we would work through a set of stages, beginning with an ideas meeting and a tour, moving to an agreement on the games, a design period, then an internal and public testing phase and finally post-test tweaking stage.


Arrange an initial ideas meeting, after which a quote will be provided. Work is delivered at a rate of £30 p/h charged by the ½ hour. Quotes are based on an estimated job duration.


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