Play Training for Childcare Settings

Play is an integral part of a child’s development. Providing a stimulating play environment, therefore, is key to supporting children as they explore the world around them through play.

 PlayUp childcare play training provides childcare staff with the skills and confidence to use equipment and resources creatively and effectively and to implement structured and free-play opportunities to maximise children’s enjoyment and support their learning.


  • Consider how to promote inclusive play – ensuring there is something for everyone

  • Learn about the theory of play; why it is important and why we should encourage and support it

  • Learn a variety of games and activities through active participation;

  • Plan, using ‘The Real Game Guide’ play resource books;

  • Explore the different types of play, including child and adult led activities;

  • Understand game theory and learn how to create new games using game building techniques known as game mechanics;

chasing game

  • Learn strategies for handling negativity in play and useful behaviour management techniques, teaching children how to deal with difficulties;

  • Consider effective communication skills relating to explaining, listening and understanding;

  • Learn about positive role modelling, the use of positive language and effective communication;

  • Learn about playground activity stations; how to set them up, promote and recruit, keep them interesting and relevant and maintain a long-term system;

  • Apply practical skills in a real play session with children in school or setting with support from the trainer

  • Evaluate & identify existing and required skills, strengths and areas of weakness and provide improvement support;Learn how to plan sessions, allocate resources and share responsibilities between staff;

  • Measuring quality – how do we know play opportunities are effective;

  • Inclusive play – strategies for ensuring all children can access appropriate play opportunities;

  • Consider the role of pupil playground assistants and how they can support activities;

  • Risky play – risk assessments and safety considerations.

Benefits & outcomes

  • Provide positive play experiences for children;Confident & motivated workforce;

  • Reduce negative playground and free play incidents;

  • Raised understanding of the importance and impact of play;

  • Staff are willing and able to implement more high quality play opportunities;

  • Children’s development through play is understood and supported;

  • Improved business reputation

  • A raised awareness of team member strengths and how to ensure these are effectively utilised;

  • An understanding of how to measure success and how to review, evaluate and improve;

  • A more enjoyable experience for staff due to fewer occurrences of negative incidents;

  • Staff are able to support children develop social and interaction skills through play;

  • Staff are able to think creatively about using resources to facilitate play.

  • Create important social opportunities for children;

  • Promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging participation in active play.

Delivery options & costs

  • Half day (4 hour session) £160

  • Full day (6-7 hour session) £300

  • 2x 2hr sessions over 2 wks £170

  • 3x 2hr sessions over 3 wks £250

Copies of The Real Game Guide games book are available at a cost of £15 for the set of volume 1 and 2.

20% evenings and weekends charge will be added if applicable.

Workshops are tailored to meet your needs. Pick the elements from the service menu that you would like to focus on. I will create a package specific to your school or setting.

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Travel expenses are dependant on location.


Team Building

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