Residential Camp Experience

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Year 5 and 6 children attending residential activity camps learn valuable teamwork, social and self-esteem skills. This fantastic experience should be available to everyone even if they’re not able to attend the camp. And when those who do attend return to school, their skills and attitudes should be developed and embedded back in school. 

Much of what children learn at a residential camp centres around self-confidence, having a go, putting themselves outside of their comfort zone and realising that their potential is greater than they imagined. Let’s not forget the huge social side of a residential camp; children bond and learn to trust each other, exercise their independence and allow themselves to have fun in a safe environment without the fear of being laughed at.


For those children who decide not to attend residential camps, sessions can be planned in or near school which include many of the activities experienced at camp. This includes drama activities, team challenges, team building exercises, campfire songs and riddles, den building if facilities are available and problem solving.

For children who are returned from a residential trip and have been exposed to these activitiesbriefly throughout their residential week, a follow-up session which builds on these skills in school helps them to apply them to their school experience.


Workshops include an interlacing of theory and discussion amongst practical activities to get children thinking about their experiences, their emotional responses and how they apply to everyday life and learning.

Delivery options & costs

Half day (4 hour session) £160

2 half days £300

2x 2hr sessions over 2 wks £170

3x 2hr sessions over 3 wks £250

Fuel charge applies over 15 miles@ 20p per mile

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