Games Workshops

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An exciting and engaging programme of games and activities, tailored for specific events, groups and environments. Your programme will be planned using a vast resource of material which has been tried, tested and thoroughly enjoyed by children, young people and adults alike.


  • Games and activity workshops are for groups of children aged 5+ and young people, for up to 50 participants!

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  •  Some games are short, lasting just 5 minutes, others can take over an hour, some for much longer;

  • Types and styles of games vary, including energetic, physical, non-physical, circle, cognitive, problem solving, indoor and outdoor and messy for example;

  • Larger activities can be set up as group challenges, which require teams to prepare and carry out performances or to complete tasks;

  • Games and activity material is taken from The Real Game Guide books, available for purchase here.

  • Most programmes work best with some short warm up games, then a few larger, more in-depth games or activities, finishing off with some simple circle or full group games;

  • The programmes are designed to be fully inclusive, meaning that everyone is encouraged to join in within their comfort zone and given the opportunity to push the boundaries in a safe environment;

  • All activities are risk assessed before and actively managed during activity programmes;

  • Games and activities can be adapted to fit particular themes or learning objectives.

Benefits & outcomes

  • Icebreaking – getting to know one-another, friendship building;

  • Learn the importance of good sportsmanship;

  • Develop problem solving skills;

  • Learn to take on leader and follower skills;

  • Enjoy and achieve physical and mental wellbeing;

  • Develop social and interactive skills;

  • Push the boundaries of perceived limitations;

  • Experience competition and success.

Delivery options & costs

On-off workshops or as part of a larger activity course or event. Principle care remains the responsibility of the organiser.

  • One-off 2 hour session £80

  • Half day (4 hour session) £160

  • Full day (6-7 hour session) £300

Fuel charge applies over 15 miles@ 20p per mile.

Team Building

Download the information card here.

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