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An engaging, confidence building activity for children, young people and adults. Participants are introduced to a variety of circus skills and have the opportunity to try various disciplines and develop their skills and technique with one-to-one and group support.


  • Groups of up to 20 participants, aged 7 years and above will have the opportunity to try their hand at a variety of circus skills, including juggling with balls, clubs and scarves, devil sticks, various types of poi, diablo, staff and balancing skills;

  • Sessions begin with an introduction to the various skills, in the form of a short performance to demonstrate the scope and possibilities of each skill;

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  • The group will be divided into subgroups focussing on different skills. Each group will be taken through the basics of each skill, given time to practice, correct mistakes and improve techniques, with 1:1 support from the workshop leader(s);

  • Participants will naturally develop their skills at varying rates. The leader will therefore provide the necessary level of challenge to keep each participant engaged. Once a particular skill has been achieved, variations and new techniques are added;

  • Circus skills are not only for individual practice and enjoyment. They should be performed. Confidence comes, not only from the personal satisfaction gained from achieving and mastering a skill; it also comes from showing others. Therefore opportunities for showcasing individuals who have mastered techniques will be utilised. This encourages others and gives a huge confidence boost to those who showcase their new skills.

  • Older or more gifted participants are encouraged to support others, which helps the learner to improve and the teacher to evaluate and break down their own skills in order to pass them on;

  • For workshops booked over a number of sessions, a final performance can be planned.

Benefits  & outcomes

  • Acquire and develop new skills;

  • Improve hand-eye co-ordination;

  • Realise potential to learn, improve and succeed;

  • Learn skills required to self-evaluate technique and make adjustments;

  • An opportunity to shine;

  • Improve concentration;

  • Improve patience;

  • Address behavioural problems;

  • Realise that learning is fun;

  • Understand that achievement comes from a commitment to learning;

Unlock potential for further development of circus skills, performance, sports, and other co-ordination based activities.

Delivery options & costs

1x practitioner (group size up to 10 participants in each session)

  • One-off 2 hour evening session £80

  • Half day (4 hour session) £160

  • Full day (7 hour session) £300

2x practitioners (group size up to 20 participants in each session)

  • One-off 2 hour session £150 incl. tightwire

  • Half day (4 hour session) £240

  • Full day (7 hour session) £400

Fuel charge applies over 15 miles@ 20p per mile

Please add 20% for weekend and evening workshops.

Workshops are tailored to the requirements of each group. Please contact to discuss.

The service menu sets out the framework for session, however various alternative elements can be added if you have something specific in mind. Practitioners bring with them their own skill set. Please discuss any particular skills you require when booking.

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