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Make your child’s birthday party an exciting, fun packed event. A mixture of traditional and not so tradition party games, including circle games like duck duck goose and pass the parcel team challenges, silly relay races and chasing-searching games. Include parachute games, wide games, water games or something else equally fun and enjoyable.

For something extra special, why not add a circus skills workshop to the party? Learn to spin plates, juggle with balls, scarves or even clubs, throw and spin devil sticks and flower sticks and spin poi in a variety of patterns in both hands.

IMG_6542 Detailed tuition is given for all skills ensuring that all participants will have the best chance at learning and practicing a new circus skill. For those who already have some experience with circus skills, there are always new tricks and techniques to learn. Rest assured all skill-bases can be catered for. 

Circus skills works best for children aged 7 and up as their motor skills have developed to a point where mastering skills is a reality. For younger children circus skills focusses on throwing and catching, and holding onto plates as they spin rather than spinning them themselves.

Parent testimonial 

dani annabMassive thank you to Jonothan at PlayUp Bath after an amazing and fun packed 7th birthday party for my daughter. The children  all really enjoyed learning the circus skills and loved the games – especially water balloon toss and the parachute!! 

My daughter and her friends are still raving about her party a month later! I would highly recommend Jonothan’s parties – it made the day go really smoothly and kept the children highly entertained throughout!

Delivery options and costs

Two hour parties work well with a fast-paced mixture of activities to keep enjoyment and attention levels at their peak. A break for food part way through works well, however a straight session with a refreshment break is also popular.

2 hour session: £80 for up to 16 children.

4 hour session: £150 for up to 16 children.

20% evening and weekend charge applies.

Circus skills equipment and game resources are provided.

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