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An engaging activity suitable for children and adults alike. Unleash your creativity, making arcade games out of junk and cardboard. Roll, blow, throw, hit, balance and manoeuvre ball through mazes, courses, into cups, avoiding the holes, jumping the obstacles, beating your opponents or the clock to win points.

Learn how to design and create amazing games out of cardboard that can be adapted and used again and again. Learn techniques for sturdy game construction using just junk, sticky tape, glue, string, elastic bands, carrier bags, paper and scissors. 


Create a cardboard arcade out of the finished games, inviting others to play games, win points, coupons or tickets which can be linked to other activities and reward systems.

Participants learn to test and adapt their ideas, problem solving in real-time using trial and error. They are encouraged to look for ways of improving their initial ideas and designs. The results are always phenomenal, in terms of both finished products and the sense of achievement that participants feel after just one or two hours.

Workshops are suitable children, families working together or as part a training package for childcare or education staff. Previous clients include Wiltshire Council and Bright Horizons Childcare Workforce Development.

Workshops start at £80 for 2 hours, plus travel expenses. Please enquire for more detail.

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