boomwhackers kids

A tuned rhythm workshop for groups of up to 25 children, young people or adults, aged 7 years and above. Groups use specially made tuned tubes called Boomwhackers, to create improvised, original and well-known musical performances.

  • Boomwhackers are an accessible form of music making. Participants learn, create and share various rhythms with the addition of pitch;


  • Boomwhackers are hit against a surface such as a floor or table edge, which resonates the pitch marked on each individual tube;


  • Groups are split into 3 or 4 subgroups which work on individual rhythms and then brought back together and played simultaneously;

  • Subgroups can develop this idea by learning two or more rhythms which are alternated during a group performance;

  • Groups learn about, keys, notes, basic chords, chord structures, chord progression and melody making, with an introduction to creative composition;

  • An ideal introduction to musical rhythm and pitch for those previously unable to truly access music making activities;

  • Groups can create their own pieces using multiple Boomwhackers, in the style of bell-ringing;

  • The whole group can learn an existing piece which will be played by all members who are individually responsible for specific notes and sections in the piece;

  • Warm-up and icebreaker games are available using the Boomwhackers.

Benefits & outcomes

  • Instill a desire to learn more about musical pitch and rhythm due to its accessibility, overcoming instances where some may give up or be afraid to try;

  • An opportunity to enjoy, achieve and have fun;

  • Learn important teamwork skills such as listening, sharing ideas, playing a role, understanding and appreciating your own and other people’s strengths and supporting each other to collectively achieve a goal;

  • Increase confidence and willingness to have a go and try things;

  • Participants feel part of something bigger and recognise the importance of their own contribution;

  • An opportunity to focus, concentrate and see quickly the outcome of the effort put in;

  • Provides the freedom for all participants to exercise their creativity and share it with others.

Delivery options & costs

Delivery option 1

A series of 1 hour sessions for different groups delivered during a half or full day: Sessions include a warm-up and introduction, improvisation in sub groups and full group, learning a simple group piece and a performance.

Delivery option 2

2 – 4 hour sessions with one group: The session includes the following; warm-up and icebreaker games, introduction to pitch and rhythm, improvisation work, learning a well-known piece played by the whole group, introduction to chord progressions and melodies, a performance and / or recording session..

Delivery costs

  • One-off 2 hour evening session £80

  • Half day (4 hour session) £160

  • Full day (7 hour session) £300

Fuel charge applies over 15 miles@ 20p per mile

Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs.

The service menu sets out the framework for sessions, however various alternative elements can be added if you have something specific in mind. Guideline ranges are as follows: 7 – 10yrs, 10 – 13yrs, 13 – 16yrs. Please discuss variables within these ranges.

Team Building

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