Adventure Team Games

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Adventure Team Games are big games played over a large area, often in towns, cities, villages and countrysides. They use a large space, involve groups players, working together to complete challenges or win points or compete against other teams. 



Adventure team games combine the health and social benefits of getting outside, with the use of digital technology and connecting the surrounding environment. Designed for older children, teenagers and adults, games develop lateral thinking, teamwork, social skills and a healthy body and mind due to the engagement in play. These engaging games involve running, catching, hiding, collecting, stealing, stealth, trading, negotiating, building, planning, communicating, sharing and strategizing.

Ask about the following examples: (there are many more)

Safari – a large scale animal chase, catch and register game.

Capture the flag – sneak and sprint your way into enemy territory without getting caught to capture and retrieve the flag.

World Trade – Purchase, manufacture and trade commodities with other teams on a global scale.

Post-Offices – Deliver parcels, postcards and letter to post-office bases avoiding capture by the bandits.

Survival – Choose who lives and dies in a nuclear bunker by stating your case for survival.

Town-Challenge – Complete a set of creative tasks against the clock in teams in public, involving the public.

GPS Cat and Mousecat and mouse shadow [Converted]

GPS cat and mouse involves a cat team and a mouse team, each with a GPS device. The mice attempt to evade capture, wearing tag-rugby belts with attached Velcro tails. The cats attempt to capture the tails to win points.

The GPS devices held by each team show the location of all teams on a live map, which can be viewed moving in real-time. As mice move across the map, the cats track and move in. As cats move towards the mice, they respond by moving away.

Mice can be reincarnated as bulldogs, who then attempt to capture back the stolen tails from the cats. Mice can be set challenges such as stealing and moving ‘cheese’ from the cheese stash without getting caught.

Variations of this games are: Fox and Hounds, with just one fox and five hound teams and Man Hunt where teams are set the challenge of getting from A to B, completing challenges along the way, with the Secret Police chasing.

This game is suitable for children aged 8+ up to adults. Multiple games can be played over a duration of 1 to 3 hours.

Survival Challenge

Survival Challenge involves a series of team challenges to complete in a set time period. Teams use GPS devices to locate each challenge on a map then read the clues and snap the evidence to win points.

A wide range of challenges are created to test players’ ability to think laterally, work together, aim, balance, throw, solve riddles, develop trust and observation skills.

The game works equally well in an urban, town environment and in a forest or woodland area. Woodland challenges are more about lateral thinking and skill testing, whereas town based challenges focus on developing social and observation skills, involving interacting with members of the public and using public and commercial spaces.

Urban Treasure Huntstreasure map

Following the huge success of the literacy and numeracy treasure hunts delivered in towns all over Wiltshire, these fun, educational family events are looking for more urban spaces  in the South West.

Treasure hunts are designed for families with primary aged children to provide fun opportunities to learn in an everyday life situation, demonstrating that learning opportunitiesare all around us. Each hunt is created specifically for the town in which it is used. Families use a clues booklet which require them to follow a predefined route searching for missing words and phrases using the photos and text clues in the booklet.

Download an example treasure hunt clues booklet created for Wiltshire Council.

Costs and Options

Please contact me for a specific quote. Half day: £160, full day: £300. Travel costs may apply for distances further than 10 miles from Bath. Data charges are £10 per handset, of which a usual game requires six.

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